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If you need a great and inspirational speaker and / or workshop facilitator with an edge and high energy  – and who can engages participants, while giving them a loving push into the future and getting them out on the edge of their seats – then book Louise by sending an email to
Louise does keynotes/lectures (30 min- 1.5 hours) and workshops (2 hours – a full day).

Popular topics

  • Meaningful and future-proof innovation: How do we use the future as quality assurance of our innovation? What can we predict and anticipate in the future – and what do we then have to create?
  • Lifestyle and the consumer of the future: What and how do we consume in the new technological world with 3D printers, drones, big data and delivery before we even have clicked the “buy” button.
  • Disruptive technologies: New products and services and the impact of the new technologies that completely change the way we live, work and live.
  • Entrepreneurship in the future: How to use the future to be a kick-ass entrepreneur?
  • The labour market in the future / skills for the future: What does the future of the labour market look like and how do you and your company become gasp-worthy instead of losers of the future?
  • Bodyhacking and health: How will bodyhacking and quantified self change the way we look at health?
  • Health care: What will health care look like in the future? Who are the future patients? And how will technology change the way we work with health ?
  • Workshops in future studies and scenario building: Do you want to learn how to predict the future?
  • Getting from ideas to Success – concept development using future trends, best practices and taboos as an engine
  • The leaders of tomorrow: Moving from leadership to followership: If nobody follows you – you are just out taking a walk. What skills do future leaders need?
  • The future co-worker: Who are the new digital generations? How do we get the best NOT the most out of people

Louise specialises in:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consumerism and lifestyle
  • Good energy and leadership
  • New value creation in products and services
  • Reprogramming yourself for success and innovation
  • Applications for new technologies
  • The labor market in the future


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